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Sailor Moon Collector
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Collectors and Purvayers of Sailor Moon Merchandise

Sailor Moon Collector

This community was made for people who collect Sailor Moon merchandise.


Welcome to the ultimate community for Sailor Moon Collectors! Collectors worldwide gather here to flaunt their collections, buy/sell/trade their Sailor Moon goods, give and receive advice, track bootlegs and more! If you love collecting Sailor Moon merchandise of all kinds, this community is perfect for you. Join today!

Membership is moderated, and you MUST comment here with your city & country to be approved, no exceptions.
In some cases you may be asked for further verification before being approved, especially if you have a newly created livejournal account and/or live in the Pennsylvania area.


*+*+*+*+*+* RULES +*+*+*+*+*+
•Please LJ cut your images! One image (not too big) is OK, but two or more images MUST be LJ cut, or your post will be deleted.

•NO begging other members to sell you stuff. If someone wants to sell, they will say so. Bans will be issued if any member complains about harassment regarding an unwarranted request to sell collection items.

•eBay links are allowed, but at a limit. Posting an eBay link everyday saying "hey, look at this item!" is discouraged. Please use common sense.

•Posting is limited to every 3 days, no matter if the content is different. Please try to consolidate your posts and edit your previous post if you have something else to say before the 3 days have passed. Deleting and posting again is not acceptable!

•Tag your entries! There is no such thing as 'too many tags.' Tagging allows people to search for relevant past entries, thus eliminating unnecessary posts.

•Price checks are allowed, but limited to one or two rare items at a time. No huge lists!

•No excessive mini-modding! If you see someone has broken a rule, you may point it out to them politely, but if someone else already has, there's no need to be repetitive.

特別  The kind of posts we are looking for:  特別

•Post your collection!
Please use the profile code to make your first post.
Additions may be posted separately thereafter, but it's recommended that you keep your profile page updated.

•General questions/information on/about Sailor Moon merchandise.
Examples: "Is this a bootleg?"
"What's the difference between the Japanese star locket, and the Korean star locket?"
"I've been looking for ____, but I think it's really rare."


•Looking for/wishlist posts. If you are looking for a specific collectible, you can ask if anyone knows where to find it, or would be willing to sell/trade one of their own. Please do not make these kind of posts excessive, as they are annoying to other members.

•Your Sailor Moon items for sale! Please be advised that sales permission must be granted before you are allowed to sell anything in this community.
For rules related to buying and selling, GO HERE. From there, you can find out how to get sales permission.

注意!  The kind of posts we want to avoid:  注意!

•Non-merchandise/goods related topics. Posts about your favorite character (unrelated to its goods), how cool the anime is (unrelated to DVDs/sales), fanart, icons, RPGs and any random, off-topic posts are not allowed. The topic is always SAILOR MOON COLLECTION RELATED. Everything else can be posted at sailormoonfans.

•Advertising other communities.

•Excessive handmade/custom & cosplay items, unless they are part of a merchandise-centered post, such as your full collection or a large collection update. There is a master list of people who are allowed to advertise and sell their custom items here.

Useful Links

Welcome! - Intoductions and useful websites.
Profile Code - Create a profile for your collection, if you want.
Price Guide - An on-going work in progress.
Community Feedback - For all our buyers & sellers.
Sales Permission - Required before any sales can be posted.
Fan Creations - All who are allowed to sell theirs.
Group Auctions - Everything you need to know about them.
Useful Links - Yes, even more of them.


Design: raziel2012
Super Sailor Moon artwork: JackoWcastillo

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